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Our company is now called Yousician.

“The name change unifies the company identity with the music education software Yousician, company’s new flagship product. The change is effective immediately.”

Read the whole press release here.

Starting from next monday I will be out office for four weeks – but working at least as hard as before! The hottest startup in Finland as we are (lol, at least in 2012) we sometimes like to do crazy things. So when a member of the team suggested that we temporarily relocate the office to some warmer country, everyone thought it’s a great idea.

anavyssosAnd so we rented a villa from near Athens and booked the flights. Practically the whole team is going, some with their families or avecs, some for just a week or two. I’ll be there the whole month. Work doesn’t alway happen most effectively at the office, so changing the environment might actually be a great boost for creativity and productivity. At least it’s going to be an interesting experiment. Kind of like a startup version of the Big Brother…

And of course there’s the Greece and the Greek. Never been there before, but I’m super interested in the history, and Akropolis should be just a 45 minutes ride away from the villa. And I love olives! I’ve heard the people are nice, too. Started to learn some Greek. It’s always nice to be able to at least exchange the very basic compliments in the local language.

Been there? If you have any tips on what to do there, let me know in the comments!